Height : 2 feet
Width : 1 feet
Length : 0
Weight : 3.3 kg

Ganesha Decor Kavadi Wall Hanging

SKU VM1071

This Ganesha Kavadi wall panel is beautifully shaped and detailing are perfect. Ganesha is worshipped at the beginning of any task or ritual as he is said to be the God of the beginnings. According to one interpretation, Ganesha's divine vehicle, the rat or mooshikam represents wisdom, talent and intelligence. It symbolizes minute investigation of a cryptic subject.

  • Height 2 feet
  • Width 1 feet
  • Length 0
  • Weight 3.3 kg
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Artifacts made of wood

Chettinad/Andhra/Tamilnadu style Wooden Wall  Panels used to decorate your homes. Used Vangai Wood,Kurukka Kali Tree Wood and Neem Wood





+91 6385141412 veenamuralidecors2017@gmail.com Socialize Fire or Agni is a Devata and the sun is worshipped as its celestial form since time immemorial. Rig Veda is the oldest text in the world and the mention of Agni is found here too. The Agni Suktam in Rig Veda 1.1 starts with अग्निसुक्तम् - अग्निमीळेपुरोहितंयज्ञस्यदेवमृत्विजम् “Agni as priest, lord, and master of sacrifice, the giver of prosperity and fertility”.