Height : 2.8 inch
Width : 2.3 inch
Length : 2.3 inch
Chain Length : 0
Weight : 305 gm Set

Infant Meal Set- Kansa(Bronze)

SKU VM0658

Kansa metal has amazing health benefits and enhances overall health. However, it also said that it enhanced the mental health of children. Furthermore, it boosts your energy and immunity, while reducing stress and improving gut health. In Ayurveda, the best way to impart its benefits into our bodies is to eat with utensils made of Kansa(Bronze)

Spoon -  14 x 1.3 inch  (Weight  75 gm) 

Bowl -  3.5 x 3.5 x 1.6 inch (Weight  130 gm)

Glass - 2.3  x 2.3 x 2.8 inch (Weight  100 gm)

Pure Lead Free Kansa (Lab certified)


  • Height 2.8 inch
  • Width 2.3 inch
  • Length 2.3 inch Chain Length 0
  • Weight 305 gm Set
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Customer reviews

Good quality stuff.

Heavy and sturdy. Good for gifting

I bought this for a friend's baby. She really loved it. The brochure was very helpful. A QR code in the brochure led to laboratory certifications, which was a reassuring factor. Highly Appreciate the service

Cute and beautiful set. Bought for my baby. Thanks for the product

This picture was accidentally found on Google. The edges are thick and the shape is useful. This set would make a great gift for a newborn.








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