Height : 3.6 inch
Width : 5 inch
Length : 5 inch
Weight : 360 Gm

Tin Vessel ( Kinnam Model )

SKU VM0587

The vessel that is ubiquitous with lip-smacking rasam is called eeya paathiram — This Vessel is made of vellieeyam, or tin

  • Height 3.6 inch
  • Width 5 inch
  • Length 5 inch
  • Weight 360 Gm
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Customer reviews

Probably best place to buy these kind utensils that I have experienced while buying. Showed us their internal testing report of this product when we started asking about the quality , materials added if those are harmful etc . I was happy to see that young entrepreneurs come forward to provide good products with good foundation of knowledge in this fast moving world rather expecting financial gains. All the very best. Happy to purchase the best quality, Will definitely spread a word .








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