Height : 13 inch
Width : 6 inch(Root)
Length : 14.9 inch
Weight : 2 kg

Kalpavriksha 13 inch

SKU VM0589

Kalpavriksha ( also known as kalpataru, kalpadruma or kalpapādapa, is a wish-fullfilling divinetree in Indian orgin reagions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and sikisam. Kalpavriksha, the tree of life, also meaning "World Tree" finds mention in the Vedic scriptures. In the earliest account of the Samudra manthan or "churning of the ocean of milk" Kalpavriksha emerged from the primal waters during the ocean churning process along with Kamadhenu, the divine cow that bestows all needs

  • Height 13 inch
  • Width 6 inch(Root)
  • Length 14.9 inch
  • Weight 2 kg
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In all honesty, I was hestitant to buy as this is online site, but they are extremely sincere and professional. Quality and packing is another level. I wish them the very best.


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