Height : 9.6 inch
Width : 4.6 inch
Length : 4.6 inch
Weight : 2.2 Kg (Pair)

Shankh Chakra Tall Lamp

SKU VM0277

Shankh(Conch) and Chakra(Divine Wheel of Power) are symbolic of Lord Vishnu's Power & Divinity. This figure is believed to bring calm and peace where they are placed. They repel negative energy and attract positive vibes. The symbols has made on lamps beautifully. Ideal to place it around your home, living room, Pooja, yoga room or meditation room

  • Height 9.6 inch
  • Width 4.6 inch
  • Length 4.6 inch
  • Weight 2.2 Kg (Pair)
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Customer reviews

Nice changu chakra lamps. Heavy and excellant and good quality compared to brass shops. Am purchasing 3ed time from here and products are top quality

Nice Vilakku. Heavy and Good looking

Very good lamp. Impressed with the service. Good quality and superb packing.

Item was neatly packed and delivered. Satisfied with the service.

Exquisitely designed and crafted lamps. Adequately packed and delivered promptly. Reasonably priced too. Very satisfied with the purchase

Thanks. Happy with the quality

Good quality . Good dealing

Hari Om. Good Quality Lamp. Decently packed. Economical Cost and trustworthy team. Will come back again.

These diyas are really beautiful. These traditionally handcrafted diyas give an elegant look to the temple/ pooja room. Really happy with the purchase.

I highly recommended Veena Murali Decors. This lamp price was less begining of 2021 when I purchased. But I am convinced when they explained about all the factors behind the product price increase. The lamp safely delivered. The lamp looks very beautiful. Highly recommend this site. Price is reasonable for their good quality products.

Long time waiting. Thank you so much for providing this beautiful Diya

Very nice & creative work.

Super quality. Good works on the lamp. Nice

Heavy and classy lamp. Thanks

Being a Vishnu devote I was searching for some tall affordable lamps. This is the site , I received the correct one. Highly recommend without any second thoughts

Saw this website accidentally in google and I ordered it. Surprisingly , the Customer care , Updates I got were all excellent. Trustworthy Site and Moreover my mother liked the lamp very much. Please go head and order. Lamp is worth for the price

Best quality , Good Packing

Very nice lamp . Long wait over. Trustable site. All the best wishes

Ordered 3 pairs for my relatives and it delivered on time. This lamp is worth to keep. Trustable people and god bless.

Nice lamps

Beautiful pair


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"Agni is a mandatory part of our rituals and is said to be that which purifies". Light up your homes with these divine lamps exclusively for you by the finest Indian craftsmen





+91 6385141412 veenamuralidecors2017@gmail.com Socialize Fire or Agni is a Devata and the sun is worshipped as its celestial form since time immemorial. Rig Veda is the oldest text in the world and the mention of Agni is found here too. The Agni Suktam in Rig Veda 1.1 starts with अग्निसुक्तम् - अग्निमीळेपुरोहितंयज्ञस्यदेवमृत्विजम् “Agni as priest, lord, and master of sacrifice, the giver of prosperity and fertility”.