Height : 0
Width : 8 inch
Length : 8 inch
Weight : 600 gm

Ashta Mangalya Set

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Plate Dia 8 inch

A set of 8 items known as Ashta Mangalyam is religious product of Hindu homes in  Kerala.   It is considered an important symbol for married women because it represents prosperity and auspiciousness. In Sanskrit, Ashta means 'eight', and Mangalyam means 'that which brings happiness'. In addition to the eight main vessels, there are a few more auspicious items that can be included in.  

  1. Nelpara- Nirapara, a para filled with husked rice and coconut flowers on top, is used for auspicious events.
  2. Changala Vattam-A brass or bronze lamp, this is often used to light other larger lamps at auspicious events.
  3. Kindi- Kindis are pooja items that are one-of-a-kind in shape, used for holding water.  During pujas, priests sprinkle holy water with kindis.
  4. Vaal Kannadi-which was regarded as the symbol of  marital status.(In Kerala , The Brahmin bride is supposed to hold valkannadi in her hand till the wedding ceremony concludes).
  5. Kunkuma Cheppu-To store kumkum.
  6. Oodam - Kind of Uruli
  7. Chandana Oodam - To keep sandal
  8. Nila Vilaku- Nilavilakku is a special lamp mainly Indian Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
  9. kavara vilakku - Kavara Vilakku is an oil lamp with three branches, that is often used in temple sanctums and in the 'puja room' or worship room, in homes
  10. Poopalika - The plate which holds all above product is called Poopalika
  • Height 0
  • Width 8 inch
  • Length 8 inch
  • Weight 600 gm
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The package was nicely packed and delivered to Mumbai. The quality is excellent. The small products are sturdy. The premium packaging is something I can't miss to mention.

Kerala's traditional product. The items were safely dispatched to Singapore. A professional approach to dealings and service. They aren't at all money minded.


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