Height : 5 inch
Width : 6 inch Diameter
Length : 6 inch Diameter
Weight : 400 gm

Cheppu Ethnic Jewellery Box

SKU VM0258

Cheppu 6 inch

Wood : Roof of jackfruit Tree and Hand painted

The motifs and colour schemes used in Nattur petti is inspired from Kerala mural paintings. The enamel pigments are majorly used. The colors used are red, yellow, orange, black and green. The design inspirations are flora and fauna and a major use of elephant motifs. Elephants are having an inevitable role in the tradition and culture of Kerala since ancient days.

 The thickness of the root usually determines the size of the cheppu. Small round boxes called cheppu’s are made too. These are made using the root of the tree. These little boxes were and are used as trinket boxes as well as can store any small miscellaneous thing. These designs are a visual treat.

  • Height 5 inch
  • Width 6 inch Diameter
  • Length 6 inch Diameter
  • Weight 400 gm
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