Height : 8 inch
Width : 1.5 inch
Length : 2 inch
Weight : 1.2 kg (Both )

Veena Handles

SKU VM0090

This decorative sturdy Instrument veena shaped door handle has beautifully designed and worth to buy. The intricate design enhances its appeal. 

  • Height 8 inch
  • Width 1.5 inch
  • Length 2 inch
  • Weight 1.2 kg (Both )
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Customer reviews


very nice handles for entrance

The Brass Sitar Handles are perfect suitable for a well polished teak wooden door. I have used these same handle pair for the pooja room door. It's well designed, simple yet elegant in its appearance. I thank Veena Murali decore for having with them select and assorted brass home fittings Thankyou for offering your aesthetic sence and timeless collection.

Nice handles . Gifted to my mother who is an artist . Loved it very much


Let the traditional hardware hold your decor together

Equipment that can be managed by hand such as keys, locks, hooks & hangers, door handlers, bottle openers, knockers and other similar products. 





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