Height : 3 inch
Width : 8/9/10 inch( Diameter)
Length : 8/9/10 inch
Weight : 1.2/1.6/1.9 Kg

Bronze Kadai 8,9,10,12 inch

SKU VM0250

In the olden days, Bronze  was commonly used for daily utensils. Those days eating in Bronze utensils was believed to enhance intellect. It used to be commonly used to make temple-related ancient products which was were primarily daily use products. So Bronze vessels are certainly recommended for daily use to cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

Small : 8 inch diametr, Weight 1 kg to 1.2 kg

Medium : 9 -inch Diameter, Weight 1.580 Kg

Large : 10-inch Diameter, Weight 1.830 Kg

Extra Large - 12 inch , weight 3.2 kg 

Technical :

Copper 70 %, Tin 20 %, Zinc 10 %    (Added while making for the durability)

Instruction :

- In this Kadai, all types of non-acidic-based cooking can be used  except  tamarind and lime.

-  For cleaning, you can use soap wash. To retain the shine you can use Ash for cleaning

- Wipe Water after cleaning

Products are handcrafted. Final product outcome in each product will have slight differences from each other. Minor variations on dimension, weight can occur.



  • Height 3 inch
  • Width 8/9/10 inch( Diameter)
  • Length 8/9/10 inch
  • Weight 1.2/1.6/1.9 Kg
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Customer reviews

Nice kadai. Very heavy too. Good coordination as well








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